Musical Instrument Manufacturer

Our company is the provider of high quality products such as the accordion, clarinet, flute, piccolo, and saxophone. We also offer a wide selection of brass, percussion, and string instruments. Our products have been exported to the United Sates, Australia, Europe, Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia, among other countries and regions. Situated within one of China's largest known port cities, our prime location has significantly reduced transport expenses for overseas clients.

  • Alto Saxophone
  • Alto SaxophoneOur alto saxophone is made from European-standard 95 brass, goldenly lacquered all over the body. The unobstructed pipe body contributes to its standard musical scale and excellent tonal quality. The treble area and over-blowing area are improved to offer better playing performance. The compact layout of key buttons fits Asian people with small hands. The snappers are made of natural shells with a fine and smooth touch feeling
  • 16 Open Hole Flute
  • 16 Open Hole Flute16 hole flute features pitch accuracy, smooth tone, easy sounding, good mechanical performance. Its pipe body is made from cupronickel and key buttons from nickel-copper alloy. The cold drawing craft of the sound holes does not change the molecular structure of the copper material, ensuring the harmonic vibration of the pipe. The split E key helps the smooth and persistent playing of high E pitch.
  • 17 Key Clarinet
  • 17 Key ClarinetOur 17 Key clarinet made with imported bakelite is professionally designed by the international famous technician. It feels comfortable to create the beautiful and vigorous melody with the unfading and non-oxidizing nickel plated keys. With the adjustable double parts, various programs can be produced. The short part is used for high pitch and the long part is applied for low pitch.
  • Trumpet
  • TrumpetBrass made trumpet has gone through the vacuum detection to ensure the sensitivity and interchangeablity of the pitch pipe. And it has two outfalls. Besides, our product is unique in appearance design and exquisite in workmanship. With the stainless steel piston which is hard to deform, it features a longer lifespan. Also, the natural gold-lip it adopted enables you to play for a long time without fingers sweating.
  • High Grade Drum Set
  • High Grade Drum SetHigh grade drum set is especially designed for children. And the sizes which are smaller than standard ones are 22" x 16" bass drum, 13" x 11"and 12" x 10" mounted toms, 16" x 16" floor tom, and a 14" x 5.5" snare.
    Stand: JA-002 boom cymbal stand / JA-008 cymbal stand / JC-003 Hi-hat stand / JB-003 snare stand
    Related parts: Drum throne / pedal / cymbal ...
  • Violin
  • ViolinProfessional violin, especially designed for advancing players, adopts fully caved and graduated spruce top made of seasoned Carpathian spruce. It comes with hand rubbed spirit finish, ebony fittings, figured bridge, four wittner tuners, light oblong case with hygrometer, and glassier horsehair bow. Our fully carved and hand graduated product is mainly applicable for modern orchestra.
  • Bass Clarinet
  • Bass ClarinetCommonly, nickel plated bass clarinet which adopts blue steel springs and Italian leather pads, is made of granadilla, durable hard rubber or metal. It is unique in appearance with a beak like mouthpiece and a detachable bellmouth. In addition, our product is available with low Eb of AABC to 304E or low C with AABC to 304C extension key. Generally speaking, it is available in Bb and A.
  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Acoustic GuitarAcoustic guitar unplugged is especially designed for the concert style platform. It is an ideal lead guitar since its laminated spruce top comes with X-bracing to create clear and punchy tone. In addition to the mahogany neck, the laminated bass wood made back and sides are applied. Therefore, our product features light weight, thus avoiding the overburden to your neck or back during the long time playing.