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Soprano Saxophone

Soprano saxophone has superb performances in resounding, intonation and operability. It rearranges the weight balance and positions of keys to reduce the overall weight. The little finger keys is in a small structure design to provide accessibility for beginners. The natural shell key buttons are distributed in a compact layout, and have excellent reaction sensitivity. The air cushion is highly durable due to the protection mechanism. The imported needle springs also have good mechanical performance.

Tune: Bb
Pitch: high F#
Appearance: lacquer/ double color/ antique/ various color
Material: brass dedicated to musical instruments

Soprano saxophone usually takes Bb tune, the second highest among the sax family, ranking only second to sopranino saxophone. Its pipe body is also the second smallest. Soprano sax has greater sound volume and penetrability than clarinet. But because of its small pipe body, the treble part is hard to handle for the beginners. The product is usually used in solo, and often replaces oboe in woodwind ensemble.

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  • Tenor SaxophoneTenor saxophone has a reasonable overall structure. It eliminates the asymmetry of the neck pipe. Each key button is tightly covered with leather cushion, avoiding the sound defects caused by air leakage. The spring of each button has a uniform elastic strength, offering a wonderful playing feel. Each active point functions precisely and flexibly.