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Tenor Saxophone

Tenor saxophone has a reasonable overall structure. It eliminates the asymmetry of the neck pipe. Each key button is tightly covered with leather cushion, avoiding the sound defects caused by air leakage. The spring of each button has a uniform elastic strength, offering a wonderful playing feel. Each active point functions precisely and flexibly. The contact between the mouthpiece and the reed is complete and even.

Tenor saxophone features intonation accuracy and rich and dense sounds. The conversion between high and low pitch is smooth and perfect. A complete set of attachments help the sound performance.

Tune: Bb
Pitch: high F#
Appearance: lacquer / double color / antique color / etc.
Material: brass dedicated for musical instrument
Auxiliaries: high #F key, front F key

Tenor saxophone usually takes Bb tune. It has an a bit larger outlook than alto saxophone, and an additional bend in front of the normal bend, generating a moderate and temperate sound. In wind band, it plays a supporting role, sharing the same music score with baritone and trombone; while in jazz band, it takes the central role.

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