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  • Alto SaxophoneOur alto saxophone is made from European-standard 95 brass, goldenly lacquered all over the body. The unobstructed pipe body contributes to its standard musical scale and excellent tonal quality. The treble area and over-blowing area are improved to offer better playing performance. The compact layout of key buttons fits Asian people with small hands. The snappers are made of natural shells with a fine and smooth touch feeling.
  • Antique Alto SaxophoneAntique alto saxophone achieves magnetic sound by alluvial gold craft, perfectly suitable for pop music playing. The antique surface will become shinier in the aging process, highly resistant to painting peel-off, discoloration and moisture.
  • Hand Engraved Alto SaxophoneHand engraved flower alto saxophone is dotted with embossed trademarks. The engraving on the horn mouth is delicately carved manually. The leather cushion is paved with double-layer felt to avoid air leakage. The mental sounding board and the ultrasonication of inner surface of the pipe body make the air flow in the pipe much smoother, significantly enhancing the playing performance of the alto saxophone.
  • Nickel Alto SaxophoneNickel alto saxophone is made from domestic high-quality forged copper alloy. The appearance surface is processed with polishing and paint spraying crafts. The assembly adopts imported leather cushions proof to water, stickiness and rebound. The bluing needle springs contribute to the good feel of key buttons, and never rust. The air tightness of each our alto saxophone is strictly inspected by professionals before delivery.
  • Soprano SaxophoneSoprano saxophone has superb performances in resounding, intonation and operability. It rearranges the weight balance and positions of keys to reduce the overall weight. The little finger keys is in a small structure design to provide accessibility for beginners. The natural shell key buttons are distributed in a compact layout, and have excellent reaction sensitivity. The air cushion is highly durable due to the protection mechanism.
  • Curved Soprano SaxophoneCurved soprano saxophone features a calm and deep sound and a gentle and sad feeling, like an echo resounding in the silent field. None of other instruments can produce such musical sound.
  • Tenor SaxophoneTenor saxophone has a reasonable overall structure. It eliminates the asymmetry of the neck pipe. Each key button is tightly covered with leather cushion, avoiding the sound defects caused by air leakage. The spring of each button has a uniform elastic strength, offering a wonderful playing feel. Each active point functions precisely and flexibly. The contact between the mouthpiece and the reed is complete and even.
  • Baritone SaxophoneBaritone saxophone is suitable for both small and large bands. It is a superior doubling instrument for advanced students and professionals. The key buttons have a quick responsive feel, and are positioned in a unique arrangement, contributing to the playing comfort.

Our saxophone is covered gold lacquer and equipped with whole-set imported accessories. It is made from European-standard 95 brass, with an unobstructed pipe body, standard musical scale, and excellent tonal quality. The treble area and over-blowing area are improved to offer convenience for playing. The key button layout is reasonable and compact, enabling people with small hands to operate the saxophone easily. The snappers are made of natural shells, which have a fine and smooth touch feeling. The rods of keys are reinforced to make the mechanical performance of the keys more sturdy and stable.

The open hole and button angle in the bass section are reinforced to make the bass section of the saxophone stable and smooth. The thickened stamped guard effectively protects the bass keypad. The top-grade screws are sturdy and durable. The imported needle spring undergoes bluing process and features even elastic force, ensuring the comfortable playing. The handmade carve contributes to the luxury appearance of the saxophone. The customization of color and material is available.

Saxophone features a beautiful tone, a gentle and sad feeling, and an impressive appearance. Our products are transparent in both high and low pitch, suitable for various occasions. The reasonable structure of the pipe body contributes to the ample resonance effect. Bend asymmetry is strictly abolished. The bend neck pipe is polished manually to make the sound mellow and full. Each key is covered tightly with leather packing to avoid air leakage. The springs feature uniform material and moderate elastic force, helping the player control the key position. The contact part between mouthpiece and reed is complete, even and spotless. A complete set of accessories is attached with each of our products. We provide various types of saxophones to meet the demands of different people and different occasions.

Saxophone is a woodwind instrument named after its inventor. Its vocalization mechanism is single reed sounding, similar to clarinet. The pipe body is usually made of brass, so saxophone also has the sound strength and characteristics of brass instrument. The strong piping generates sounds like woodwind, and weak piping is like brass-wind. The structure adopts boehmflute design, featuring reasonable flexible mechanism, able to undertake highly difficult musical compositions like flute and clarinet. Saxophone is a best partner of wind instruments, and an essential in trumpet band. It can not only conduct classical music performance, but also the playing of jazz and light music. It features the playing capability of portamento, trill, staccato and over-blowing, fitting the characters of jazz improvisation.

Basic Information
Original tune: bB (high pitch, tenor), bE (alto, baritone)
Applicable clef: treble clef, transposing according to the original tune
Practical range: two and a half octaves
Sound characteristic: The treble of saxophone is between clarinet and horn; the midrange is like voice and cello; the bass section is like tuba and double bass.

Saxophone is composed of main pipe, neck pipe, mouthpiece, reed, reed hoop, cap, and lanyard. All components are made of brass except mouthpiece and reed. The upper end of the pipe body is conical, the lower end is cylindrical. The horn mouth is upward bucked, similar to bass clarinet.

Selection Method
1. To observe whether the paint is uniform and whether there are unevenness on the surface.
2. To check whether there are moulages on the keymat, whether the cramp on the resonator precisely touched the center of the sound hole, and whether the keymat covers completely.
3. To test the sensitivity of mechanical sections, check whether the spring tension is appropriate and whether there is gap between the key column and the linking rod.
4. To test the intonation to ensure that the pitch difference between two notes does not exceed ten.

Make the reed plane coincide with the mouthpiece and the reed end align with the end of the mouthpiece. Press the reed onto the mouthpiece. Put the reed hoop on the mouthpiece. The upper edge of the reed hoop should be across the indication line of the mouthpiece, and the joining seam of the reed hoop should be in alignment to the very middle of the reed. Thus the reed mounting is finished.
Insert the mouthpiece into the neck pipe, while aligning the air opening to the speaker key. Then insert the neck pipe into the main pipe, and screw down the screw on the upper end of the main pipe. The assembly is thus completed.
Before ensemble playing, perform the tuning with standard pitch A. During the tuning, play alto saxophone with F-sharp and tenor saxophone with B. If the pitch is low, insert the mouthpiece into the neck pipe a bit deeper; if the pitch is high, pull the mouthpiece outwards a little, until the pitch is accurate.

Other Products
  • 16 Open Hole Flute16 hole flute features pitch accuracy, smooth tone, easy sounding, good mechanical performance. Its pipe body is made from cupronickel and key buttons from nickel-copper alloy. The cold drawing craft of the sound holes does not change the molecular structure of the copper material, ensuring the harmonic vibration of the pipe. The split E key helps the smooth and persistent playing of high E pitch.
  • 17 Open Hole Flute17 hole flute is divided into open-hole and close-hole type by the key lid. Close-hole type is stable in air output, so it is easy for intonation control. The open-hole type is drilled a hole on the key lid, increasing the air output and sound volume, but also increasing the control difficulty. The beginner will meet the problem of tone and intonation deviation when using the open-hole type.