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  • Guitar Amplifier Control: Volume, Gain, Treble, Middle, Bass
    Features: 3-Band EQ, Headphone Jack
    Dimensions: 10.4*6.1*11.57 (in) ...
  • Acoustic Guitar AmplifierItem: Acoustic guitar amplifier
    Output: 15Watts into 8ohms
  • Mini AmplifierBeing small in size, our portable mini amplifier features convenient use. It includes speaker, cavity and power amplifier. Our product supports multiple devices like TF/SD, laptop, mobile phone and so on. Above all, it is suitable for various areas such as sports, home life, leisure activities, and etc.
  • Bass AmplifierControl: Treble, middle, bass, volume
    Features: 3-Band EQ, headphone Jack, output Jack
    Dimensions: 13.3*7.5*13 (in) ...
  • Keyboard AmplifierKeyboard amplifier is applicable for both household use and concert hall. It is distinct from other instruments by means of sound making method. As compared to other counterparts, our product comes with wider range and can create many tones. Even if used as the solo instrument, it still creates the chorus effect and orchestral music.
  • Multifunction AmplifierFunction: Two channel mic input, Guitar, Bass, Keyboard input, Digital ECHO effect, Footswitch, Send Return, Lineout, Headphone
    Dimensions: Head:24.6*11*9.4; Cabinet:25.4*12.5*25.4 ...
  • Percussion AmplifierOutput: 35 watts into 8 ohms
    Controls: 1 Channel Volume,2 Channel Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble
    Features: Double equipment, Input Jack, CD Input, Volume, Headphone Jack ...

Amplifier as a critical part of acoustic system is equipment for enhancing the power of a signal by the use of an external energy source. It relates directly to the sound quality. Our stylish product also features classical appearance, convenient tuner, pure tone and the like. In addition, featuring transparent high pitch and full alto voice, it can enhance the scene, especially the bass amplifier. And our specially designed percussion amplifier adopts the optimized circuit design to adjustable beautiful tone. What's more, other types like mini type, Keyboard type, multifunction type, and so on, are available. Moreover, there are more than 40 kinds of products with the power ranging from 5W to 200W. With the annual output up to 20,000 pieces, we are confident to quick accommodate your needs.

We is a specialized amplifier manufacturer and supplier in China. In addition to amplifier, our company also provides brass musical instrument, flute, clarinet, saxophone, string instrument, and piccolo, among others.

Other Products
  • Alto SaxophoneOur alto saxophone is made from European-standard 95 brass, goldenly lacquered all over the body. The unobstructed pipe body contributes to its standard musical scale and excellent tonal quality. The treble area and over-blowing area are improved to offer better playing performance.
  • Antique Alto SaxophoneAntique alto saxophone achieves magnetic sound by alluvial gold craft, perfectly suitable for pop music playing. The antique surface will become shinier in the aging process, highly resistant to painting peel-off, discoloration and moisture.