17 Open Hole Flute

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17 Open Hole Flute

17 hole flute has one additional B hole at the tail compared with 16 hole type, offering one more low pitch to enlarge diapason range and provide playing convenience. In addition, synchronous pressing the low B can make high C playing much easier.

17 hole flute is divided into open-hole and close-hole type by the key lid. Close-hole type is stable in air output, so it is easy for intonation control. The open-hole type is drilled a hole on the key lid, increasing the air output and sound volume, but also increasing the control difficulty. The beginner will meet the problem of tone and intonation deviation when using the open-hole type. But open-hole flute can play portamento easily, which is impossible for close-hole type. So open-hole type usually has a hole plug on the lid hole. The beginners can use it as close-hole type and remove the plug after a period of training.

Tune: C
Material: cupronickel pipe body, Italian leather cushion
Surface: silver plating / silver plating / gold plating

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