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Children Flute

Children flute is designed for children below 10 and players with short arms. The U-shape head makes the mouthpiece closer to the key, releasing the stretching stress of arms, offering comfort for children players. The mouthpiece under delicately processed to offer full and dense tone and reduce playing labor. The imported leather cushion provides good air tightness. The stainless steel needle spring makes the key button mechanism flexible and durable. The layout and shape pf key buttons are designed on the basis of ergonomics, and the assembly of buttons is completed manually, to offer a superb playing feel. Each of our children flute is tested by professional instruments to ensure its excellent sounding performance.

Tune: bC
Number of holes: 16
Material: nickel silver alloy / copper zinc alloy
Surface: silver plating
Auxiliary mechanism: E key

It is not easy for children to learn to play flute due to the difficulty in the control of mouth shape and breath. Flute generates sounds when the player naturally blows air flows into the mouthpiece. It needs skillful control of lips and breath to produce a beautiful tone. There are various mouth shapes for choice, including natural shape, smile shape, kiss shape, crying face shape and round-hole shape. In the preliminary stage of learning, the learner should emphasize the control of mouth shape. Relaxing blowing can hardly produces complete music, and even generates no sound at all in treble area, ruining the interest and confidence of the learner. Only after one or two years of training can the player further learn to relax the mouth and achieve more pleasant tone, and try to handle different motion and strength styles. Only relax mouth shape can be highly flexible. Stiff mouth shape will make the tone constrained and the sound frequency range narrow.

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