High Grade Silver Flute

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High Grade Silver Flute

High grade silver flute has a pure silver pipe body, able to producing mellow, transparent and soft tone. The square mouthpiece design and the French lip plate make the air flow more concentrated. The carving mouthpiece cap ensures the air flow smoothness. The attachable opening design increases the sound volume, and offers convenience for intonation control.


Number of keys 17
Type of keysopen keys
Arrangement of keysOffset G key
Split E keys Yes
Surface processSilver plating
Mouthpiece materialPure silver 925

High grade silver flute has a larger sound volume and a brighter tone.

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  • 17 Open Hole Flute17 hole flute is divided into open-hole and close-hole type by the key lid. Close-hole type is stable in air output, so it is easy for intonation control. The open-hole type is drilled a hole on the key lid, increasing the air output and sound volume, but also increasing the control difficulty.