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  • 16 Open Hole Flute16 hole flute features pitch accuracy, smooth tone, easy sounding, good mechanical performance. Its pipe body is made from cupronickel and key buttons from nickel-copper alloy. The cold drawing craft of the sound holes does not change the molecular structure of the copper material, ensuring the harmonic vibration of the pipe. The split E key helps the smooth and persistent playing of high E pitch. The air tightness is ensured by the Italian imported leather cushion.
  • 17 Open Hole Flute17 hole flute is divided into open-hole and close-hole type by the key lid. Close-hole type is stable in air output, so it is easy for intonation control. The open-hole type is drilled a hole on the key lid, increasing the air output and sound volume, but also increasing the control difficulty. The beginner will meet the problem of tone and intonation deviation when using the open-hole type.
  • Children FluteChildren flute is designed for children below 10 and players with short arms. The U-shape head makes the mouthpiece closer to the key, releasing the stretching stress of arms, offering comfort for children players. The mouthpiece under delicately processed to offer full and dense tone and reduce playing labor. The imported leather cushion provides good air tightness.
  • High Grade Silver FluteHigh grade silver flute has a pure silver pipe body, able to producing mellow, transparent and soft tone. The square mouthpiece design and the French lip plate make the air flow more concentrated. The carving mouthpiece cap ensures the air flow smoothness. The attachable opening design increases the sound volume, and offers convenience for intonation control.

Our Flute is made from high-scale cupronickel, highly resistant to oxidization. It has a smooth, transparent, rich and variable sound. The imported shims, the delicate workmanship and the undercut designed blowhole enhance the conductivity and resonance of the pipe body. The cold drawing craft of the sound holes does not change the molecular structure of the copper material, ensuring the harmonic vibration. The cushion is mounted by shrink fitting, undistortionable and durable.

Each our flute undergoes the elaborate adjustment by technician with over thirty years'experience. The key buttons are designed in compliance with human engineering, and have good mechanical flexibility. All contact points are covered with natural hair felt to eliminate noise. There is no air leakage in the head and keys, even upon low-pitch blowing. All connection, screws and cushions are well fastened.

Flute has a graceful and lipid sound and a wide diapason range. It is an important solo instrument, good at coloratura, enabling the players to show their gorgeous skills. It is also an important high melodic instrument in modern orchestral music and chamber music, able to play various concertos. A symphony orchestra at least needs three flutes (the third one can be replaced with piccolo).

The product is a cylinder pipe with several sound holes. Though it is mostly made from metal nowadays, it is classified as woodwind due to its cork vibration sounding principle.

Basic Information
Original tune: C
Applicable clef: treble clef, no transposing notation
Practical diapason range: unaccented octave b - four-line octave f (B tail pipe), one-line octave - four-line octave f (standard C tail pipe)
Material: ordinary type: seamless nickel silver pipe; professional type: hard real silver

By tune: C tune, Bb tune, Db tune, Eb tune, G tune alto, G tune high, C tune bass, and contrabass flute.
By holes: 16-hole, 18 hole and non-hole flute.

Flute is a cylinder wood or metal pipe, with a total length of 62cm. The head is closed and the tail is open. The plunger is about 5cm away from the pipe end. The body is a cylinder with 1.9cm inner diameter. It is plug-assembled from two or three parts to offer convenience for tuning and carrying. The inner diameter narrows gradually from the plug site to 1.71cm. The blowhole is drilled in site 1.7cm from the plunger, and covered with a lid. The lid is drilled a same hole, connected with the blowhole, making an acute angle between the lid and the wall of hole. The air flow impacts the edge and produces sound. The pipe wall is drilled several key holes, whose open-and-close is controlled by fingers to alter the length of open pipe and generate different pitches.

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  • 17 Key ClarinetOur 17 Key clarinet made with imported bakelite is professionally designed by the international famous technician. It feels comfortable to create the beautiful and vigorous melody with the unfading and non-oxidizing nickel plated keys. With the adjustable double parts, various programs can be produced.
  • 18 Key Clarinet18 key clarinet is made with first class bakelite through the exquisite workmanship. The adoption of qualified cupronickel keys enables it to come with transparent tone, excellent conductivity and resonance. The anti-deformation keys are designed with the human engineering. Moreover, our adjustable product is hand polished.