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Bass Clarinet

Commonly, nickel plated bass clarinet which adopts blue steel springs and Italian leather pads, is made of granadilla, durable hard rubber or metal. It is unique in appearance with a beak like mouthpiece and a detachable bellmouth. In addition, our product is available with low Eb of AABC to 304E or low C with AABC to 304C extension key. Generally speaking, it is available in Bb and A. The clarinet widely applied by modern orchestra is supplied with one wooden case, mouthpiece, cap and ligature.

ItemBass Clarinet
CompositionMouthpiece, adamant bend, body, bellmouth, mechanical key system
Material Common type: Hard rubber, ABS plastics, phenolic resin; professional type: specially treated ebony, rosewood, organic glass and so on.
NotationTransposing instrument, treble staff
Notation rangee?e(4)
ClefTreble clef

Bass clarinet is a sensitive instrument. Though its staccato is not as fluent as that of flute, it features excellent melody, scale, arpeggio and staccato. Besides, it can easily create all kinds of beautiful and gorgeous music. Our product can play staccato in three split-ways, of which the single split is the most commonly used. Moreover, both vibrato and quaver can be easily created in any register.

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