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  • 17 Key ClarinetOur 17 Key clarinet made with imported bakelite is professionally designed by the international famous technician. It feels comfortable to create the beautiful and vigorous melody with the unfading and non-oxidizing nickel plated keys. With the adjustable double parts, various programs can be produced.
  • 18 Key Clarinet18 key clarinet is made with first class bakelite through the exquisite workmanship. The adoption of qualified cupronickel keys enables it to come with transparent tone, excellent conductivity and resonance. The anti-deformation keys are designed with the human engineering. Moreover, our adjustable product is hand polished.
  • 26 key ClarinetBy adopting high class bakelite, exquisite workmanship as well as cupronickel keys of high quality, 26 key clarinet features transparent tone, excellent conductivity and resonance. The anti-deformation keys are hard to deform with the professional securing rings.
  • Bass ClarinetCommonly, nickel plated bass clarinet which adopts blue steel springs and Italian leather pads, is made of granadilla, durable hard rubber or metal. It is unique in appearance with a beak like mouthpiece and a detachable bellmouth. In addition, our product is available with low Eb of AABC to 304E or low C with AABC to 304C extension key.

Being made with qualified materials through exquisite workmanship as well as being equipped with first-class cupronickel keys, our clarinet whose conductivity has been greatly enhanced features transparent sound and superb resonance. It is hand polished and can be adjusted. Customized service is available.

By adopting French technology, accurate assembly, and strict inspection to ensure the keys'smooth operation like accurate intonation, deep and mellow tone, our clarinet creates a relaxing, delightful, and elegant atmosphere for you. Besides, advanced Italy technology is imported as well. Our product features superior deformation resistance and excellent durability. The cupronickel keys are designed with the human engineering and have been carefully adjusted, so it feels comfortable to use. Moreover, high level natural felt is imported to ensure the qualified beautiful tone. Due to its superior performance, our product is widely applied to orchestra, military band, jazz band, and so on, to create the pleasant and soft music for you. Commonly, it has bB and A tone. And its tone can be classified as eflat, alto, bass or contrabass. Various types like 17 key type, 18 key type, 26 key type and the so on, are available.

The clarinet is sensitive to dramatic temperature or humidity change since it is made with natural granadilla. Therefore, it should be used for five minutes for the first time, ten minutes for the second time as well as 20 minutes for the third time. Besides, you should ensure that it has been painted with bore oil like white oil or sewing-machine oil from inside to outside, thus avoiding fracture. Last but no the least, our product should be stored in a cool place. And being used indoors will be much better in winter and summer.

Other Products
  • PiccoloAs the woodwind with the highest range, piccolo in the key of C has three octaves. It comes with high impact plastic head and body as well as silver plated keys. Besides, beryllium copper springs are adopted as well. Above all, featuring sharp and transparent sound, our product enables the whole band to create unchained ...
  • TrumpetOur bass trumpet which is 1.355m long consists of mouthpiece, body and mechanical part. And the mechanical part includes piston and bush. The product not only can create loud and clear clarion, but also graceful melody. In addition, it can create the mystical atmosphere with mute.