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As the woodwind with the highest range, piccolo in the key of C has three octaves. It comes with high impact plastic head and body as well as silver plated keys. Besides, beryllium copper springs are adopted as well. Above all, featuring sharp and transparent sound, our product enables the whole band to create unchained, passionate and brilliant melody. Commonly, it is used to render the triumphant, pleasant or even stormy atmosphere.

Our first class product is made with the imported environmental qualified ABS resin materials. It feels comfortable to create wonderful melody since the piccolo has been polished from inside to outside. And the keys are in full compliance with international standard. Unlike the flute, our product comes with delicate surface and no air leakage appears when you use it.

ClefTreble clef,
MaterialCommon type: seamless nickel-silver tube, nickel-silver mouthpiece, resin body;
professional type: first class ginkgo wood tube and mouthpiece
Construction Wood, metal, plastic, or compound

For the sake of convenient disassembly and assembly when delivery, a small quantity of cork grease is used to the piccolo.
1. You should clean the water after you use it. And be gentle to clean the stains on the keys.
2. Regular inspection of keys should be conducted. A small amount of oil should be applied to the moving parts, and if the oil gets onto the key surface, you should clean it up.
3. Make sure that the position of the adjustable baffle-board is right. A cleaning rod can be used to test whether the position is right or not.

We is an experienced brass musical instrument manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide various types of products such as piccolo, clarinet, kids tambourine, alto saxophone, trumpet, 16 open hole flute, professional violin and others.

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