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Bass Trombone

Professional bass trombone adopts two in-line pistons. Meanwhile, with the pitch pipe in D, it is available in Eb and D. It not only can provide lofty, stately and magnificent tone, but also create gentle and tender melody. Besides, our product also can play the chromatic scale and unique slide. Commonly, it is applicable for the alto and bass voice of majestic music, especially for military band. However, it is rarely used for solo. Many types like alto type, tuning slide tenor type, bass type, and tuning slide bass type are available.

Item NumberCT-118
ToneBb / F / Eb & Bb / F / D / Gb

1. Please be careful when you use it. You can buy a bass trombone dedicated stent.
2. Clean the extension tube with soft brush and soft dry rag every three or four days. Then paint it with special lubricating oil.
3. Indoor use will help avoid damage caused by dust.
4. Wash it with cleaning solution or detergent every two weeks. You should choose the suitable solution or detergent for avoiding the damage to the finish.
5. After using, you should get rid of the water inside.

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