French Horn

French Horn

French horn can create loud and soft melody. Featuring soft and full sound, it can be well combined with woodwind and stringed instrument. Four horns are commonly required for the symphony orchestra. In addition to the similar features of brass, it is gentle and elegant, creating sorrow and poetic feeling. Due to its excellent music expressive force and widest range, it is a commonly used instrument.

ItemDouble French horn
Bell diameter305mm
Bore size11.89mm

Our product can play both legato and staccato through the three methods like single spit, double spit and three spit. Also, it can create Sons Boudzés and Cuivré. When playing, the mute can be easily put into belllmouth without interruption to your music. Also, you can use your hands instead of mute to create the desired sound effect.

The horn after used for many times should be cleaned with water. Mixing tube can be pulled out individually all the cleaning, be careful not to bump instruments and pipe. After washing, dry it and paint it with Vaseline lubricant. Use the dry and clean cloth to wipe out the water, oil and fingerprints on the surface. Keep in mind that pure oil like white oil should be painted to avoid rust. Besides, pistons should be painted with oil as well. Having been not played for a long time and no maintenance will result in keys being out of commission. Firstly, you can press it. If it still doesn't work, use the oil, or go for music instruments maintenance.

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