Euphonium features simple, generous and melodious timbre. It is also known as the Lyric tenor with the pure and soft tone. Above all, it is softer than trombone, more elegant than horn, and purer than SAX. And it is highly appreciated as cello of pipes, the best choice of mediant. Our product adopts cone design, and the tone is dark, wide and thick as compared to Baritone.

Diameter of inner pipe12.7mm~16.6mm
Diameter of bell mouth250.6mm~304.8mm

1. You should get rid of the water on the surface and paint a little oil, thus avoiding rust. Be sure not to lose the spring when you dismantle the valve. And you should be careful when you clean the valve.
2. Pitch pipe should be kept clean from inside to outside. After you clean it, be sure to paint a little oil for ensuring the lubrication and avoiding rust.

We is a professional euphonium manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a broad range of products, including alto saxophone, 17 key clarinet, high grade drum set, 16 open hole flute, piccolo, kids tambourine, and more.

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  • SousaphoneSousaphone which is made of cupronickel features key of BBb. It is equipped with added big caps and guards. In addition, our product has gone through the surface treatment like lacquer. It is convenient to take and can be used for accordatura. And optional cases are available for your choice. Though it comes with superfine tone, it is too heavy.