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High Grade Trumpet

High grade trumpet is made with brass. Featuring strong, bright and sharp tone, it can create loud and clear clarion as well as the beautiful and rich singing melody that you desired. And it is equipped with the mute to render the mysterious atmosphere. Besides, it has gone through the vacuum inspection, so its pitch pipe comes with excellent sensitivity and interchangeability. Plus the double outlets, it is really conveniently used. Moreover, our product is durable for adopting the stainless steel piston which is easy to deform. Especially, the natural gold-lip is applied to prevent your fingers from sweating, thus eliminating the unnecessary faults when playing. In addition to the excellent performance, our qualified trumpet features unique appearance and exquisite workmanship as well.

We are a specialized high grade trumpet manufacturer and supplier in China. Apart from brass musical instrument, we also provide clarinet, flute, saxophone, piccolo, percussion instrument as well as string instrument.

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