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  • TrumpetOur bass trumpet which is 1.355m long consists of mouthpiece, body and mechanical part. And the mechanical part includes piston and bush. The product not only can create loud and clear clarion, but also graceful melody. In addition, it can create the mystical atmosphere with mute. Especially, its alto or treble range is the most expressive range.
  • High Grade TrumpetHigh grade trumpet is made with brass. Featuring strong, bright and sharp tone, it can create loud and clear clarion as well as the beautiful and rich singing melody that you desired. And it is equipped with the mute to render the mysterious atmosphere.
  • C TrumpetBrass made C trumpet adopts monel pistons and lacquer finish. Its pitch pipe features superior sensitivity and interchangeability since it has gone through the vacuum test. Besides, it is particularly unique with two outlets. Our delicate and meticulous product has a longer lifespan by adopting pisons which have superior resistance ....
  • Pocket TrumpetA little horn as the pocket trumpet is, it features a stentorian voice and has the same pitch level as that of a full-sized trumpet. With reasonable price, it is applicable for any player. In addition, our product has a 12.6mm bore with a fixed 3rd valve finger ring to provide easy response and intonation adjustment.
  • FlugelhornFlugelhorn also called Bugle, features soft sound as compared to trumpets. It has a big throat like bell joint though having a smaller inner tube. Therefore, our B-flat product is easily played with precise high pitch. Moreover, with two thirds cone part, bigger pipe diameter as well as deeper round mouthpiece ...
  • CornetThe cornet is a brass instrument very similar to the trumpet, distinguished by its conical bore, compact shape, and mellower tone quality. It is commonly used for military band and kids of light music bands, especially jazz band, to provide the soft and musical acoustic effect.
  • BugleBugle which includes leadpipe, bell and mouthpiece belongs to natural harmonics instrument. Featuring simple structure and loud sound which can spread easily, it is widely applicable for drum teams or armies. In addition, our product adopts a 459-inch bore design with a 172 taper one-piece hand-hammered bell to provide ...
  • Alto TromboneOur CT151 brass made alto trombone in E flat not only can provide lofty, stately and magnificent tone, but also create gentle and tender melody. Besides, it also can play the unique slide. And it is small in appearance and has no inflexion keys. All in all, our product is widely used for solo and classical music, such as Beethoven, Mozart, Schubert ...
  • Tuning Slide Tenor TromboneBeing added with another piston, brass made tuning slide tenor trombone can be available in F or Bb. It can create low but powerful sound. In addition, optional inflexion keys are also available. Commonly, it is played with other wind instruments.

Our brass musical instrument which includes trumpet, trombone, horn, alto horn, trombone, and so on, enjoys tremendous popularity at home and aboard. Featuring superior quality and reasonable price, it is specially designed to meet your various requirements. With our product, you can create the grand and broad volume that you desired.

Brass musical instrument with textured exterior and duality, also known as labrosones, is processed and polished by hand. With the special ultrasonic cleaning, it comes with superior fine appearance and no residue is left. Therefore, it is not only noble and elegant in appearance design, but also delicate and sonorous in melody. Moreover, our C trumpet can play with the advanced trumpet in Bb to create the beautiful melody. And the flugelhorn is easily played to offer soft tone and accurate treble. However, tuba belongs to trombone and features full tone. It can create the thunderous shocking effect. Apart from the types described above, other types like pocket trumpet, bugle, sousaphone and the like are also available.

As a professional trumpet manufacturer and supplier in China, we at we offer a wide range of products that includes C trumpet, alto trombone, 16 open hole flute, high grade drum set, accordion, and more.

Other Products
  • High Grade Drum SetHigh grade drum set is especially designed for children. And the sizes which are smaller than standard ones are 22" x 16" bass drum, 13" x 11"and 12" x 10" mounted toms, 16" x 16" floor tom, and a 14" x 5.5" snare.
  • Percussion Drum SetPercussion drum set includes shallow toms in a contemporary size configuration with 8-ply basswood kick, snare drums as well as 6-ply toms. Commonly, it consists of bass drum, snare drum, no less than 2 tom-tom drums, one or two ride cymbals and so on, all of which will be played by one person.