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Percussion Drum Set

Percussion drum set includes shallow toms in a contemporary size configuration with 8-ply basswood kick, snare drums as well as 6-ply toms. Commonly, it consists of bass drum, snare drum, no less than 2 tom-tom drums, one or two ride cymbals and so on, all of which will be played by one person. Because drum is related to the speed, rhythm and so on, it plays a critical part in the band, especially in the Jazz. There are two playing ways like golpe and step way. Melodic Tom and snare drum adopts golpe method. Meanwhile, bass drum applies step way.

ItemHigh grade drum set
Size of Bass Drum22" x 16"
Size of Floor Tom14" x 12" / 16" x 14"
Size of Snare Drum14" x 6.5"
Size of Tom Tom12" x 9" or 10" x 8"
StandJA-002 boom cymbal stand / JA-008 cymbal stand / JC-003 Hi-hat stand / JB-003 snare stand
Cymbal14" x 2 / 16" x 1 / 18" x 1
Related Partsa double tom stand, snare stand, 2 straight and hi-hat cymbal stands, throne, 6 pair of sticks with a stick bag.

Our company is an experienced percussion drum set manufacturer and supplier in China. In addition to percussion instrument, clarinet, flute, piccolo, saxophone, accordion, and brass musical instrument, among others, are also available.

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