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Junior Drum Set

Junior drum set is especially designed for young beginner. It covers solidly made parts that can meet the passionate and dynamic young people. And the drum set includes 16" x 12" bass, 8" x 4" tom with mount and holder, 10" x 4" snare drum with stand, as well as 12" ride cymbal with bass-drum mounted ride cymbal stand. Moreover, one pair of drumsticks and one drum key are available as well.

5-PC Junior Color Drum Set
Bass Drum16" x 10"-12 Lugs
Floor Drum13"x 9" -6 Lugs
Snare Drum12" x 5"-5 Lugs
Tom Tom10" x 7"-4 Lugs
Tom Tom8" x 6"-4 Lugs
Snare StandSS-10
Hi-Hat StandHS-10
Cymbal8" x2PCS 10" x1PC
Throne DT-10

As a specialized junior drum set manufacturer and supplier in China, We also provides alto saxophone, classical guitar, 17 key clarinet, professional violin, trumpet, 16 open hole flute, kids glockenspiel, and etc.

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