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Snare Drum

Snare drum made with metal framework as well as double plastic or leather sides is widely applied in the symphony orchestra, military band and jazz. It is adjustable to provide low and deep tone. With a cloth, it also can create off beat effect. In addition, wood, laminated wood or metal made drumsticks are applied to provide special effects like fast grace note. Various types like maple snare type, steel snare type and children type are available. Commonly, the size is 14"X3.5.

It has higher voice frequency than bass drum, though features free pitch. The clear and sprightly tone is unique with rustle. Above all, our expressive product can create all kind of atmosphere through three ways. Moreover, the snare drum rudiments are divided into four kinds like roll rudiments, diddle rudiments, flam rudiments, and drag rudiments.

Play Method
Use your wrist power rather than your arms. In addition, keep natural and smooth wristwork when playing. And make sure that the beating positions are near enough to offer qualified tone. Commonly, the beating place will not be the center of the drum.

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