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Bongo Drum

Bongo drum with animal skin made drumheads is available in pairs to create beautiful melody including low pitch and high pitch, especially for Latin America dance. It has a wooden body. Moreover, you can play with your hands by holding the drum between your knees. However, for orchestra, you have to play it with drumsticks and the drum should be put on the stand. Various sizes are available.

We is a professional Bongo drum manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide an extensive line of products, for instance, high grade drum set, 16 open hole flute, alto saxophone, 17 key clarinet, cello, and trumpet, among others.

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  • Djembe DrumOur wooden djembe drum which is designed to be played with hands, or even heel, is unique in material, shape and playing technique. It is a single skin African drum that resembles a chalice in shape. Some have likened its appearance to a flower, animal, human and so on.
  • Talking DrumCommonly, it adopts hourglass shape. Due to the wide adjustable range, the pitch can be regulated to mimic the tone and prosody of human speech. In addition, the drum body is covered by two skins connected by leather strings, which allow the player to tweak its pitch by pressing the drum between his arm and body