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  • High Grade Drum SetHigh grade drum set is especially designed for children. And the sizes which are smaller than standard ones are 22" x 16" bass drum, 13" x 11"and 12" x 10" mounted toms, 16" x 16" floor tom, and a 14" x 5.5" snare.
  • Percussion Drum SetPercussion drum set includes shallow toms in a contemporary size configuration with 8-ply basswood kick, snare drums as well as 6-ply toms. Commonly, it consists of bass drum, snare drum, no less than 2 tom-tom drums, one or two ride cymbals and so on, all of which will be played by one person.
  • Junior Drum SetJunior drum set is especially designed for young beginner. It covers solidly made parts that can meet the passionate and dynamic young people. And the drum set includes 16" x 12" bass, 8" x 4" tom with mount and holder, 10" x 4" snare drum with stand, as well as 12" ride cymbal with bass-drum mounted ride cymbal stand.
  • Marching DrumThe marching drum is also available. One case holds 3, 4, or 5 pieces.
    We is Chinese professional marching drum and supplier. It also offers trumpet, piccolo, 16 open hole flute, 17 key clarinet, alto saxophone, classical guitar, and other musical instruments.
  • Snare DrumSnare drum made with metal framework as well as double plastic or leather sides is widely applied in the symphony orchestra, military band and jazz. It is adjustable to provide low and deep tone. With a cloth, it also can create off beat effect. In addition, wood, laminated wood or metal made drumsticks are applied to provide special effects ...
  • Bass DrumBass drum is equipped with Remo heads and related bass drum hoops. In addition to super qualified all-birch shells, it comes with premium drumheads and true-pitch tuning. Moreover, our product has gone through the surface treatment like satin oil. Therefore, it comes with smooth surface.
  • Bass Drum with CarrierNumerous standard sizes of bass drums with carrier are available.
    As a China-based manufacturer and supplier of bass drum with carrier, our company offers a wide variety of products that includes bass drum, 16 open hole flute, 17 key clarinet, trumpet, and much more.
  • Conga DrumConga drum specially designed for students and entertainment players has dual conga stand as well as traditional Cuban shaped drum. In addition, our Siam oak made drum features natural lacquer finish and black hardware. The adoption of the side plates helps remove cup washers, thus ensuring the increased tuning range and long life ...
  • Bongo DrumBongo drum with animal skin made drumheads is available in pairs to create beautiful melody including low pitch and high pitch, especially for Latin America dance. It has a wooden body. Moreover, you can play with your hands by holding the drum between your knees. However, for orchestra, you have to play it with drumsticks and the drum should be put on the stand. Various sizes are available.
  • Djembe DrumOur wooden djembe drum which is designed to be played with hands, or even heel, is unique in material, shape and playing technique. It is a single skin African drum that resembles a chalice in shape. Some have likened its appearance to a flower, animal, human and so on.
  • Talking DrumCommonly, it adopts hourglass shape. Due to the wide adjustable range, the pitch can be regulated to mimic the tone and prosody of human speech. In addition, the drum body is covered by two skins connected by leather strings, which allow the player to tweak its pitch by pressing the drum between his arm and body

We offers numerous kinds of percussion instrument. The upscale drum set is made with qualified maple and has gone through several surface treatments. Therefore, it features exquisite appearance. Besides, the electronic drum kit is even fuller in tone, thus meeting the requirements of both beginners and professionals. Meanwhile, other types like percussion drum set, junior drum set, marching drum, bass drum and so on, are available. Moreover, unique types such as conga drum, talking drum and bongo drum are provided as well. Last but not the least, customized service is available.

We is a professional percussion instrument manufacturer and supplier in China. In addition to percussion instruments, our company also provides saxophone, piccolo, flute, clarinet, accordion, children musical instrument, and much more.

Other Products
  • ViolinProfessional violin, especially designed for advancing players, adopts fully caved and graduated spruce top made of seasoned Carpathian spruce. It comes with hand rubbed spirit finish, ebony fittings, figured bridge, four wittner tuners, light oblong case with hygrometer, and glassier horsehair bow.
  • High Grade ViolinOur elaborate high grade violin is made by skilled luthiers who own more than 20 years of experience. It has gone though nearly 10 years of natural drying time. In addition, our hand-made product adopts advanced Chinese northeast spruce. Imported fittings like string, bridge and so on, are applied as well.