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  • ViolinProfessional violin, especially designed for advancing players, adopts fully caved and graduated spruce top made of seasoned Carpathian spruce. It comes with hand rubbed spirit finish, ebony fittings, figured bridge, four wittner tuners, light oblong case with hygrometer, and glassier horsehair bow.
  • High Grade ViolinOur elaborate high grade violin is made by skilled luthiers who own more than 20 years of experience. It has gone though nearly 10 years of natural drying time. In addition, our hand-made product adopts advanced Chinese northeast spruce. Imported fittings like string, bridge and so on, are applied as well.
  • Violin with AmplifierViolin with amplifier adopts hand engraved solid spruce top and inlaid purfling. And its solid highly flamed maple back, sides, neck and scroll are hand engraved as well. It has gone through the warm brown translucent surface treatment. In addition, other parts like ebony fingerboard and fittings, alloy tailpiece with four built-in fine tuners ...
  • Antique ViolinAntique violin applies solid spruce top, maple back and sides, all of which are engraved by hand. It features pretty inlaid purfling and varnish finish. In addition to the parts made of rosewood like fingerboard, chin chest and pegs, our product features alloy tailpiece which comes with 4 build-in fine tuners.
  • Student ViolinStudent violin which features inlaid purfling and varnish finish, adopts solid spruce top, maple back and sides, all of which are hand engraved. Apart from the fitting made of rosewood such as fingerboard, chin chest and pegs, our violin comes with alloy tailpiece which covers 4 build-in fine tuners.
  • Matt ViolinOur matt violin employs solid spruce top, maple back and sides, all of which are carved with hand. It has pretty inlaid purfing and varnish surface treatment. Apart from the alloy tailpiece which has 4 build-in fine tuners, rosewood fitting like fingerboard, chin rest and pegs are applied as well. Our product is available in various sizes ...
  • CelloCello is a beloved solo instrument which can create full, cheerful and lyrical melody to express your heavy and complicated feeling. Its life span is closely related to the maintenance. Regular cleaning and adjustment should be conducted, and proper installation can prevent the abrasion.
  • Acoustic GuitarAcoustic guitar unplugged is especially designed for the concert style platform. It is an ideal lead guitar since its laminated spruce top comes with X-bracing to create clear and punchy tone. In addition to the mahogany neck, the laminated bass wood made back and sides are applied.
  • Classical GuitarThe classical guitar also called Spanish, nylon-string or concert guitar is a 6-stringed plucked string instrument from the family of instruments called chordophones. It features pure, exquisite and changeable tone. As the most artistic, representative guitar which has the widest application range, it can freely play the melody of different times ...
  • Children GuitarControls: 2V 2T& 3 way Switch
    Pickups: 2HB
    Hardware: CR BK GD NI ...
  • Electric GuitarElectric guitar is a newly developed instrument made of new hard wood. It is equipped with volume, tone controller and the like. Plus the effect pedals, it features strong expressiveness.The sound of a guitar is not only adapted by electronic sound effects, but also heavily by all kinds of new techniques developed or becoming possible in combination ...
  • Bass GuitarThe bass guitar also called electric bass, is a stringed instrument played primarily with the fingers or thumb, through plucking, slapping, popping, tapping, thumping, or picking. It is similar in appearance and construction to an electric guitar, but with a longer neck and scale length, and four, five, six, or eight strings.

Our hand-made string instrument including violin, cello and the like, is applicable for professionals and students. Featuring loud, pure and beautiful tone, it can create lyrical melody. Especially, our antique violin and high grade matt violin offers loud, natural and beautiful tone. Both of them enjoy sound reputation in American for high accurate nut, full tone, and natural health care. Meanwhile, the violin with amplifier is extremely suitable for viola and cello. Moreover, the classical guitar adopts qualified raw materials. It creates magnificent and tactful tone. Other types like acoustic guitar, children guitar, electric guitar, and bass guitar are also available.

We is a professional string instrument manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer numerous musical instruments like 16 open hole flute, 17 key clarinet, high grade drum set, and alto saxophone, and so on.

Other Products
  • Kids MaracasOur selected hardwood made kids maracas which have been manually painted, are filled with premium beads to create an optimum dry timbre. And the maraca is different from each other no matter in appearance or in tone. A well-balanced sound created enables it to be delightful shaker that is obtrusive or too muted for workday settings.
  • Kids Steel TriangleKids steel triangle is a necessary percussion instrument applicable for wind band, orchestra, symphony orchestra or even musical opera. It can enhance the atmosphere when applied to the cadenza. As the metal instrument, it features free pitch. Besides, it can be sued as the grace note since it can create silvery trill.