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  • Kids MaracasOur selected hardwood made kids maracas which have been manually painted, are filled with premium beads to create an optimum dry timbre. And the maraca is different from each other no matter in appearance or in tone. A well-balanced sound created enables it to be delightful shaker that is obtrusive or too muted for workday settings.
  • Kids Steel TriangleKids steel triangle is a necessary percussion instrument applicable for wind band, orchestra, symphony orchestra or even musical opera. It can enhance the atmosphere when applied to the cadenza. As the metal instrument, it features free pitch. Besides, it can be sued as the grace note since it can create silvery trill.
  • Kids GuiroKids guiro which belongs to wooden percussion instrument is unique in appearance design. Though having no keys or strings, it creates croaking sound just like a frog does. Also, with a stick, it can create a rich rhythmical sound when the stick is rubbed across the wooden grooves, which is really very helpful for fostering your kid's rhythm sensation ...
  • Kids GlockenspielColorful and well tuned kids glockenspiel is especially designed for children. It is a Chinese commonly used hammered string instrument. Our product comes with distinct features like loud, clear and rigid-flexible sound. Also, it can create sounds like mountain spring or running water.
  • Kids TambourineKids tambourine can be played in various ways with hands, like stroking, shaking and etc. The faster you shake, the louder the sound will be. Commonly, it is used for singing or dance. Also, it is applicable for musical ensemble. Numerous kinds of tambourines are available for children.
  • Kids Hand DrumOur easy and portable kids hand drum has free pitch and can be played with your hands. It features clear and melodious tone. Genuine calfskin head and natural wood grain finish are adopted. In addition, our product adopts double row design.
  • Kids Percussion SetVarious kids percussion sets are provided for your choice. Also, customized service is available.
    As a professional children musical instrument manufacturer in China, we also offer an extensive line of products like kids percussion set, high grade drum set, 16 open hole flute, alto saxophone, and etc.

Our technical known-how, advanced production equipment and strict quality control policies ensure the high standards of our children's musical instruments. Our product features unique appearance, exquisite workmanship. Being environmental and free from pollution, it is the preferred toys for children.

In order to cultivate the children's interests toward music, develop their creative ability and promote their collaborating capacity, various instruments are specially designed such as glockenspiel, steel triangle and tambourine. Especially, children can dance to the music played with the tambourine. Besides, others types like maracas and hand drum are available to boost your kid's collaborating capacity. In conclusion, our kids percussion set is really the ideal choice fro your children.

We is a professional children musical instrument manufacturer and supplier in China. We also offer percussion instrument, string instrument, saxophone, flute, clarinet, piccolo, and much more.

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    As a specialized 81 button 120 bass button accordion manufacturer and supplier in China ...