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Our company is the provider of high quality products such as the accordion, clarinet, flute, piccolo, and saxophone. We also offer a wide selection of brass, percussion, and string instruments. Our products have been exported to the United Sates, Australia, Europe, Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia, among other countries and regions. Situated within one of China's largest known port cities, our prime location has significantly reduced transport expenses for overseas clients.

Honing machines and cylindrical lathe cutting equipment are imported directly from Italy and Japan. These performance contraptions allow us to achieve high production efficiency that yields outstanding results. We have over 30 highly qualified engineers. All regular employees are required to complete mandatory training prior to assuming assigned duties. An advocate of continuous learning, our company hosts frequent seminars and workshops to further enhance the skills and proficiencies of our staff.

The product catalogue is constantly updated with new content. Customization options are available with the majority of indexed items. For instance, the structure of an instrument may be modified in accordance with client-side specifications. we offers free consultation for all prospective customers. Product samples are available upon request and delivered at the expense of the client. A limited time warranty allows for the free replacement of defect parts. Our comprehensive after-sale service hotline offers excellent customer care and assists with troubleshooting, e.g. spare part requests.

Main Products
  • 16 Open Hole Flute16 hole flute features pitch accuracy, smooth tone, easy sounding, good mechanical performance. Its pipe body is made from cupronickel and key buttons from nickel-copper alloy. The cold drawing craft of the sound holes does not change the molecular structure of the copper material, ensuring the harmonic vibration of the pipe. The split E key helps the smooth and persistent playing of high E pitch. The air tightness is ensured by the Italian imported leather cushion.
  • 17 Key ClarinetOur 17 Key clarinet made with imported bakelite is professionally designed by the international famous technician. It feels comfortable to create the beautiful and vigorous melody with the unfading and non-oxidizing nickel plated keys. With the adjustable double parts, various programs can be produced. The short part is used for high pitch and the long part is applied for low pitch. Besides, our product can be adjusted according to your hands and habit, which is really convenient to use.
    We are a professional 17 key clarinet manufacturer and supplier in China.